We sell all types of Clinker in Grey and White. Grey Clinker is the most suitable for cement production types Cem I 42,5R, Cem I 42,5N, Cem II 42,5R, Cem I 52,5N, Cem II 52,5N, Cem II 32,5R, Cem IV 32,5R, Type I/II, Type II/V. White Clinker is the most suitable for cement production types Cem I 52,5N, Cem I 52,5R, Cem II 42,5N.


The major consumers of the Gypsum at present are Cement Industry. By weight about 4% to 6% Gypsum in crushed condition is utilized in Portland Cement Manufacture after mixing with Cement/Clinker Gypsum acts as a retarder and controls the setting time of cement.


Our ability to meet project deadlines and supply consistent, high quality products ensures our cements are continually used in the construction of many of international long-standing structures. Our cement products can be general purpose but innovative mixture or special versions developed to suit projects specifications. We sell Cement in Bulk, Big Bags and Sling Bags with White and Grey color, Treated for Cr+6 and low Alkalis with various types.

Iron Ore

Iron being one of the most important raw materials of the industry is of silver brightness in its pure form and it easily oxidizes and it is found in free form in the nature rarely. Iron ores are oxides, sulphure, sulphate and iron ores. The most frequently used in cement industry is hematite and limonit. Hematite: Its color is iron black in the form of crystal and sometimes it is multi-colored and red in the aggregated form. It is easily breakable. Composition of hematite is 70% Fe and 30% oxygen. Limonit: Its color is yellowish brown, reddish Brown and blackish. Limonit is found in every area and it is very widespread and also it is a mineral forming large deposits.

Fly Ash

Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolan for Use as a Mineral Admixture in Portland Cement Concrete. Class F ashes are typically derived from bituminous and anthracite coals and consist primarily of an alumino-silicate glass, with quartz, mullite, and magnetite also present. Class F, or low calcium fly ash has less than 12 percent CaO.


In effect, we get the clean material of appropriate size fractions, which can be utilized in the construction of any category roads, embankments, or civil engineering.


Coal is a solid, dark-colored rock rich in carbon and combustible gases found among layered sedimentary deposits. consists of hard coal torguidae. Coal is mostly formed by the presence of variable amounts of other elements. Please contact us regarding the supply of coal.


Marble is a composition formed by the recrystallization of limestone and dolomitic limestones as a result of metomorphism. 90-98% of their composition consists of CaCO₃. It contains low amount of MgCO₃. The main mineral in marbles consisting of CaCO₃ crystals is “Calcite”. Please contact us for marble supply.